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"Nah, you did good from my standpoint, but the 'real' observers might have something different to say," Roman told him, once again ringing his arm around Xaiver's neck, proud for the excited fellow.

"I'm sure they'll use the words "awesome" and "amazing" in their review." Xaiver said smiling to Roman, and then over to Haruka.

"I think we should just let you wreak havoc by yourself if we ever have to go behind enemy lines."

"Well when your callsign is Psycho, you gotta fill the part. Don't worry I'll be sure to leave you guys some kills."

"I believe you're next, then it's Katsu, then me. Make it quick, I want to get into my mech again."

"Yeah, I wanna see what you plan on bringing to the table Big Guy," Xaiver said to his friend.
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