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chapter 2

geonosis 100 hours.
"general. clone. number 5881. codename: commander omega."said the super battle droid.
"good......*cough*send him to the detention center." said a large part human part droid being.
where in the love of mandalore were rapier, junga and slashburn?
"hey wake up. where is your camp?"
"why would i tell some dirty scrap like you?"said commander. suddenly, a distinct hum filled the air. a bald man stood in the room. he swung his violet blade at the battle droid who was interrogating him. "clone! what are your codes?" demanded the jedi.

"omega squad. numerical 5881. commando commander."

"where is your squad?" asked the jedi as he shut down the ray sheild.

"no clue. split up during capture."

"then forget them. i am mace windu."

"no way. i am taking a gunship to find them."

"are you questioning a direct order?"
"find that out on your own did ya? thought jedi were supposed to be smart."

"fine. get your self killed. go with crew 16."

"sure general."

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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