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Originally Posted by Tatterdemalion7 View Post
I also believe that to be true. We may know this game inside and out, but what is the real extent of our knowledge? If we could nail that down, then perhaps we could get some insight into what we might not know.
Well, I'm sure that apart from the obvious time constraints that may have been in place when the game was being made, there are still a few triggers left in that may have led to other areas in levels that have already been built.

For example, in the Jawa Blue room at the Mos Espa race track some of you may have noticed that, just behind the table to the right of you when you enter the room, if you push the action button while facing the wall that the table is in front of, Qui-gon or whoever you chose to play as will play their "activate" animation. I could actually be making a fool of myself and this actually DOES open something up somewhere, but you never know

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