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chapter 4

Onderonian skies: 1200 hours
in the cruiser estenance, commando squad gamma was preparing for their next mission.......

"alright squad, just got words from the jedi. onderon is being held hostage by general greivous and his droid armies. republic forces are going to battle droid opposition. we shall take the palace." breifed commander " oh, and watch out for tanks. we do NOT want another geonosis."

it was pure chaos on onderon. scrap and blood everywhere. "junga! proceed with anti-armor!" yelled slashburn. overhead, rapier and commander were on flying drexl beasts, shooting down CIS gun emplacments. suddenly, an AAT exploded along with 5 sbd's. the two flying beasts landed. "thank you republic soldier. onderon forever owes you." said an onderonian captain.
"captain. give your troops guns and accompany junga and rapier. they know the plan. slash and i will take the western flank of the palace. you will go east. master yoda will go head on." said commander. the onderonian liberation had begun.

"slash! take out that tank!" screamed commander, as he was dealing with battle droids. he slammed the heads of the droids together due to his lack of ammo. it was worse for junga and rapier however............
"darn it! reload you scrapper!" screamed junga. the droid opposition was overkilling the troops. "captain! support!" screaamed rapier. the onderonian captain raised his loaded rocket launcher at the ceiling and fired. the commandos were trapped without ammo with 20 SBD's.

eventually the republic took iziz, onderon's lone city.
"they....have been removed." said captain with a slimy smirk on his face.
"scum!" said commander punching the onderonian captain in the face. "the worst offense in my book is to betray a friend. the penalty-death." said commander shooting the downed captain.
"so? what we going to do?" asked slashburn.
"obviously we are going after them. to utapau."

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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