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Spacial interlude 1600 hours

"this is crazy! we cannot just go barging into a sep base!" screamed slashburn.
"what did i tell you was the worst crime in the galaxy?" asked commander.
"betrayal. second worst being deserting a friend."
"now you know why we are-"
"sep cruiser. the decimator. ventress' ship."
"let's use capture counter 89."
meanwhile on utapau...........................

"guagh!!!!!!!!!!"screamed rapier. fifteen syringes filled with torture serum were in his arm."you'll never get anything outta me. sith scum!"
"yes. well perhaps you will end up like your friend over there."said sidious, pointing to junga's dead body. the quad squad was a trio task force.

"clones are all to be killed as of today. time to die." said asajj ventress
"no. i do not think that will work out for sith trash." said commander, shoting her with his grenade launcher while slash fired his machine gun. within minutes, the decimator was destroyed. without the clones or their ship: the courier.

utapau 1200 hours

"take the comlink. you will have to take out the AD cannons for me to take out greivous' ship. once they are out of the way, i can bomb the towers."
" fly low. contact kenobi."
"good luck commander."
"not luck. pure skill and resolve."

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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