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((Yes, I am a bit 'busy' you could say. Didn't have access to my computer for a couple days, then I got sidetracked when I did have access. But! I promise, I will be posting within the next 24 hours -At least from the time I post this post that is [3:45 p.m. - My time]. I do apologise though for making you people wait, but life is life, and there's not much you can do about it *shrugs*. Gomennasai!))

((Alrighty Than! I've finally gotten around to posting!))

"Why thank you Roman, glad to hear that, and I'm sure you're just being modest," Haruka said to Roman, he in turn smiled shyly and replied.

"Modesty is something I'm good at, but honesty is too. My grace in a early-type model like Lævateinn 2 is minimal, at best."

After Roman had congratulated Xaiver, Haruka turned to him as he stood next to her, saying, "It's your turn Roman, gambate ne?"

Roman turned to Haruka with a smile, and bowed slightly, replying in Japanese, "Ganbarimasu." (Which is 'I will do my best', or 'I will try hard' in Japanese.)

He swiftly left the observation room, heading to where he could change into his pilot jumpsuit.

Sme time later Roman was dressed, it had taken him longer than the others due to his jumpsuit's more archaic design than the others.

Roman took his seat in the chest of the Lævateinn 2, the older cockpit design flashing to life as he began flipping switches. Roman reached up, and retrieved a small free floating visor, which was attached to two bulkier holding arms. He slipped the visor over his helmet, and latched it into sockets in his helmet.

Everything was dark, the world around him was only the hum of his suit's console, his hands running seamlessly over the intricate controls, knowing each button's location, each switch's use, even if he couldn't see them. His fingers were bare, the jumpsuit's fingers being tailored off, as he needed his own skin's nerves to know where things were. He'd trained months just to know how to use the older suit's controls, and trained years to use the visor, all while having to use touch, and memory to use the controls, and after awhile everything just became hardwired, like swimming, or even moving, it became a thoughtless process.

Roman's head swiveled up as he heard the white noise of his suit's console interrupted.

"Lævateinn 2 test underway, prepare for launch countdown."

Roman flipped a switch, a set of large cords punching into the back of his helmet, and the visor activating. Roman's world was brighter now, as he blinked a few times to adjust his eyes, he looked around.

Outside one could see the Lævateinn 2 suddenly jerk to life, the cycloptic eye lighting up, and swiveling about as it seemed to be looking around, almost like the suit were alive. Then the head moved. Inside Roman was too moving his head, as the holding arms moved with his head motions the suit's head moved with his own, a part of the visor's purpose was to allow for full control of the suit's head, and visionary systems, allowing a very strange experience of almost being one's suit, or at least seeing from the suit's perspective. The visor was a new design for early-type models, like the Lævateinn 2, since a lot of late-type models were having their cockpits put in the head now. A very strategically unintelligent move, Roman thought, as chest cockpit suits had more protection, or at least, his did.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... launch!"

Roman's hands flashed across Lævateinn 2's console, the suit lifting it's weight up in a more ready posture, and stepping forward ponderously. Once they were out in the test run facility, Roman looked around, his suit mimicing his head's motions, and the cycloptic eye roving about menacingly. It was a virtual environment, urban, one of the Lævateinn 2's specialties. Too bad the 'environment' wasn't real, or else he be able to use the buildings, and surroundings to his advantage, like he normally would; but blowing up the support structures for the virtual buildings in here wouldn't allow him to crush the real unmanned Battle Suits.

He'd just have to do some fast hit-and-run activity.

With his quick evaluation Roman sped off in the Lævateinn 2, activating it's high-end thrusters, it moved amazingly fast across the battlefield, heading towards the awaiting heavy drones, the Lævateinn 2 hurled it's arm forward, the long chain of mines in the arm snapping forward, the first two mines on the chain detaching, and flying toward the drones.

The Lævateinn 2's jet propulsion systems activated in it's shoulders, sending the suit off at breakneck speed, sideways, down a street amongst the buldings, an explosion erupting moments later as the mines went off, decimating the heavy drones. Roman's hands flicked across his suit's console, moving he suit in a very realistic manner.

The Lævateinn 2 turned, noticing two Battle Suits coming towards him, he released two more mines in front of him, on the ground, quite obviously, but unmanned suits were easy to fight, they were relatively stupid pretty much. Roman launched the Lævateinn 2 forward, between the two suits, and past them, turning around on a dime with it's jets, Roman made his suit push the other two forward, as they had reacted quite fast to his fly-by, but were unprepared for his actions, they stumbled back, one stepping on the active mines, the other mine erupting, and the two suits being engulfed in the explosions, the Lævateinn 2 speeding backwards with it's propulsion systems.

Roman made the Lævateinn 2 release the rest of the mines from the chain, and replace the handle on the suit. He pulled out his Durandal Light Shotgun, turning, and blowing away a Battle Suit with it, he deactivated his thrusters, the suit landing quite heavily, but well. He pumped the shotgun, as drones, and suits closed in, he fired, another suit down; pump, fire; three suits; pump, fire; one drone; pump, turn sharply, fire; four suits down; jab back with elbow; turn; smash suit's head with bottom of shotgun handle; pump, fire; two drones down; turn back to damaged suit, beat one more time with shotgun handle, knocking it to the ground; smash head with foot; five suits down.

Normally Roman would take the time to reload his shotgun, but he knew that this was a test run, and all he needed to do was perform well, and end the run on good time. His life wasn't necessarily at stake. So he replaced the shotgun, and got out his Fission Axe, the archaic weapon activating it's conduction system, and the blade beginning to glow, as it began super-heating, the combination of these two systems allowed for the axe to sever through almost anything, giving it it's name.

He activated his thrusters once more, the suit jumping up suddenly as it lifted from the ground ever-so-slightly, and the Lævateinn 2 sped forward, virtual dust kicking up behind it. Once more entered the streets of the fake city, seeking out the remaining drones, and suits, knowing full well he wouldn't need to use all of his armaments.

As he came into contact with single units he easily cut through them, but something bothered him, the lack of numbers. As Roman rounded a bend in the street, he came across a mediocratively large group, the remaining number of suits, and drones. They turned, and the few with armaments opened fire, Roman launching to the side out of the way down a street with his propulsion systems.

He waited, the suits, and drones pursuing, he drew them forward, methodically, exiting the fake city, he then suddenly sped away, only a few of the faster drones following as he went into moderate flight. One got too close as he was retreating, and with a swift barrel roll, he sliced the drone in two, kicking the other as it got near his leg, it losing control and slamming into the ground.

He reached the far edge of the test run facility, on a virtual hill overlooking the fake city. Roman's hands flashed across his console, wirelessly requesting one of Haruka's custom weapons that he's noticed, and procured before he'd entered his suit. The facility wall opened, like a large shelf, the Lævateinn 2 reached in, and grabbed the weapon inside. It was a large Gauss AM Sniper Cannon (The AM standing for Anti-Material). Roman looked down the scope, the suits and drones were still following him, but slowly, as they reached a familiar spot strewn with shredded Battle Suits, and drones, he zeroed in n a small metallic disc on the ground near the outside of the circle of dead suits.

Roman being trained in the use of firearms held his breath, though he didn't need to, it was instinctive, and the reality of his visor often lead him to forget he was not the one doing the things he saw, only controlling them. The Lævateinn 2 pulled the trigger, the gun firing. A moderate 'Jjjnnnn' sound could be heard as the weapon quickly activated, and fired, and only milliseconds afterwards a minor 'thunnnnn', as the shell the cannon fired, broke the sound barrier near instantly from it's exit from the barrel of the gun.

The shell made contact with the disc, causing all the other discs to explode, catching the remaining group of suits, and drones in the explosion, one suit blowing apart, catching other suits, and drones in a hail of shrapnel, sending more shrapnel out from those suits, causing a chain. Soon, there were no more opponents, and all of the events that had occurred, and been unfolding happening within minutes of time.

Roman looked down at the Gauss Sniper, and studied it for a minute before smiling, he finally spoke for the firs time since entering the Lævateinn 2 over the comm, "Nice Haruka, as good as I'd said." Roman complimented Haruka's work in the design of the weapon he'd used.

Roman returned to the hangar in the Lævateinn 2, exiting the suit he patted it's outer shell with a smile, as he looked up at the suit's big optics eye.

Roman returned to the observation room, still in his jumpsuit, only with the helmet removed, he smiled, opening his arms wide, and said quite jubilantly, "Is the Lævateinn 2 impressive, or not!?"

He walked up to where he'd been standing next to Haruka, before he'd left, and looked down at her with a smile, saying, "I told you, no grace, simply hit-and-run tactics. Although, everyone seems to think that the Lævateinn 2 can't handle groups, since that's a hit-and-run unit's weakness, but I've gotten so used to similar tests pitting me against pack-tactics Battle Suits that I've turned my guerrilla warfare fighting style's weakness into a strength. I have more trouble with melee units than I do groups now."

Roman laughed, and paused, his smile fading somewhat, "anyway, enough with the boring talk. So, how'd I do!? Did I impress you as much as you did me? Although..."

Roman chuckled and shook his head as he thought this over for a second, "....I highly doubt I could have come close to impressing you, as much as you did me, Miss Haruka!"

((Meh, not one of my best fighting performances, but it'll have to do.))

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