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"Pleased to meet you Akeirra," Aruko tried to say her name. Her accent was peculiar and he was curious about where she came from.

He grinned as Damien launched into his spiel. He liked the guy for his outspokeness and his courage in standing up to what he was. "Damien is right. We can't help who we are. Took me awhile to come to terms with the fact that my mother is Native American and my father is Rokusian."

He was stopped from saying more when an instructor, a Zabran came up and said, "Alright you slackers get a move on or we'll ship you out on the next boat down washout lane."

Aruko replied, "Yes sir. We're heading there now."

When teh Zabran was out of sight he said, "Whew. Would suck if we had a black mark and we didn't even make it in."

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