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shells and blood all over. that was always commander's life-shells and blood. now that he felt the cold, all he had to live on was his morale. no man left behind. all who get in the way are to be killed. ahsoka tano was an example of that rule. as was the onderonian captain who left his brothers to die.

"commander cody........come in."
"yes commander gamma?"
"i want you to blast the bays. i will enter west into the torture room. kenobi will search for greivous. i envy him. yet, i am here without orders. gamma out."

commander's final stand has begun.

the droids battled furiously with the clone opposition. obi-wan was holding off general greivous. slashburn fought droid fighters. the 501st had taked down the anti-air flaks. the war was in its climax. commander of omega squad was unbeknowest to it all.

""there he is! get him!" screamed a magnaguard.
"WHERE IS RAPIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed commander grabbing the shockstick, spliting it in two and kicking the droid off the platform into the endless sinkhole.

the torture room was littered with bodies and splatterd red of blood. then commander saw the worst sight he could of thought of: rapier near dead and junga's dead corpse.
"who goes there?" said a familiar voice." it was rapier.
"it's me. commander. you're goin home."
"thank mandalore."

rapier and slashburn off planet, only left assisting kenobi. he walked seeing kenobi being shot at by clones. order 66.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" yelled commander firing at the soldiers.

"all the other clones were firing. why not you?" asked kenobi as they escaped utapau.
"after today, i am not a clone." said commander. "my name is now nikkon."

commander was shot by a sniper on yavin 4.
slashburn was killed during the hoth invasion.
rapier died during the destruction of the 1st death star. this is the end.

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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