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I'm about 1/3 the way done with Guybrush's sideway's walk.
Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
But seriously... you're gonna draw a 22 frame walkcycle for four directions, plus probably just as smooth action animations for him? That's overkill!
Actually, only three, unless LucasArts updated the engine to support 4 (both left and right walkcycles).
I still think a Cursed-edition of MI1SE might make sense (and looks much more manageable to finish it!).
Yes, it would seem that way. I never said I wouldn't finish SMISE Cursed.
I just prefer to work on the better game.

Here I've used the first contact position at the second contact as well, and when ignoring the "flip" of arms and legs, it looks already way smoother and would absolutely work. You only have to draw a contact position based on the first one, with arms and legs reversed. Of course the CMI-walkcycle has some depth to it, which the MI1-sprite doesn't, and it causes some "wiggle". But I think when getting rid of the perspective and fixing the second contact-position, it'll look great. Also I think that in CMI he looks way lankier than he's supposed to be in MI1, so it'd be better if you draw him slightly stiffer... not so much bouncing his head or bending his body. This would help making the walkcycle look less choppy too.
Nice, I'll keep that in mind when I work on SMISE.
Plus THIS looks gorgeous:

And I don't think the Cursed-style sprite collides with the background-style at all!
I never said they did, I just think MI2's backgrounds look better with CMI sprites.
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