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((lol sorry, I assumed it was part of the RPs plot to track you down where your character is hiding among the Biker Gang. Its entirely up to Skywalker on what she wants to do. And on a side note, one more tracking device. But thats a special suprise ))

Baldur looked at the time. They still had less than six hours before sunrise. It wasnt recomendable to look for Ashtin with that amount of time, depending on how far away he is and how long it will take to aprehend him into custody.

But, if they did things accordingly and precisely to plan, they might be able to pull this off. His squad still required time to prepare.

"Moxie, if we are to find him; I highly recomend we do it tomorow where we have the proper time to prepare. If however we follow things accordingly, we might be able to pull this off in less than six hours. I'll discuss the situation with Manson."
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