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Well no game community stays forever...

But until another game comes out that does what MP JA does, and does it better, it won't really die.

Lots of Jedi games have come out since September 2003, but most of them have been SP only or offered only very generic, basic MP options.

If all people want to do is 1 on 1 duels, maybe so. Apparently that's all a significant number of server owners wanted to do and so they bored the rest of the community to death by only doing that.

I think there's a lot of people out there that would have given the game more of a chance if they had seen more options like that. Even the old argument "well if you're going to use guns, I'll just go play Quake" was never really that sound, because the gameplay of the JK series was unique in combining this old FPS standby WITH the third person, melee combat AND powers... and not just stopping there with 1 vs 1 fights, but in other game modes as well, putting a new "spin" on the old cookie cutter moulds like CTF and so forth.

There are folks out there that complained about many of the changes from Jedi Outcast to JA (and I agree with some of them). However JA has Siege mode, and some subtle engine improvements which I think make it unique, and that's why it has lasted as long as it has.

It's a pity though that we went through all that stuff with the abusive admin mods. I think that hurt the JK2/JA community almost as much as cheating hurt the JK/MotS community (and in some ways it was worse, because a lot of server owners and mod makers thought it was a GOOD THING and actively promoted it).

Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't remember... back in the day, JK wasn't really setup for "saber duels." There was nothing in the game except a person's own desire to do that and agreement with other players to make that happen. All the game did was give you two maps where there weren't any weapon pickups and so naturally you'd think to use your saber primarily. But you might as well have just had a bunch of people running around having a deathmatch, just without guns. I think people got it into their heads that they had to "regulate" such things to prevent them from being that, but make them into "duels," and so you had these "honor systems."

Raven, when they made JK2 (and JA) went out of their way to tailor the game such that the folks who wanted to duel privately could do so and NOT INTERRUPT THE REST OF THE GAME. And dedicated modes were used for servers who just wanted to do that. Sure, it was fun but they were also missing out on 90% of the MP game. So my server promotes that other 90%, and as long as people will join (and I can "afford" the server), I'll do it.

I started out with saber dueling back in the JK days, and it's a great way for beginners to start out, and yes it's pretty unique to this series.

Every day people are re-discovering this game. So if somebody gets it through Steam and wants to see what a game is like, I recommend you send them to the Meatgrinder.

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