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((And don't forget the tracking device hidden somewhere on this page, plus the liquidized one we've injected into Ashtin's skin. ))

"Actually... I'm gonna take a quick rest, due to all the event. I'll see ya later."

Darius watched her walk off and noticed a pattern. First that Rusu guy walked out of here, then Ashtin, and now Moxie. Was it because of him?

I swear if I still smell like that werewolf...

Suddenly Darius came to another realization...he had absolutely no idea where to go.

"Hey Moxie, wait up!" he shouted as he left the cafeteria.

However when Darius turned the corner, Moxie was gone. Darius looked around at the hallway and shrugged his shoulders. He started walking forward and called out hoping to get someone's attention.

"Lonely merc here, whose lost and needs a good home!"


A rather large chopper pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. A man in a crimson red suit stepped off the chopper and looked up at the warehouse. It wasn't his favorite place to meet, but it was a good one. He signaled a few of his boys to come with him, as well as his sister. He raised his yellow sunglasses and gave her a respectful wink before proceeding to enter. He instantly spotted his informant and walked over to him.

"I trust everything went well Mr. Black, and when did I give you permission to bring someone with you?" said the man sensing another among them.
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