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Help! I'm getting a fatal error when I post a reply!

Last, night, a few scripts stopped working properly on Lucasforums. This caused people to get a 'fatal error' message when replying.

stoffe and s-island are working on resolving this as quickly as possible, but it's been very difficult to track down. stoffe has done a work-around to get replies to even work at all. However, sometimes you may still get the fatal error message.

Here's what you can do until this is fixed.
1. Bookmark the forum (or your favorite subforum).
2. Reply as usual
3. Even if you get an error message, the database has saved the reply. If that has happened, don't refresh, or it may post your reply twice. Instead, go to your bookmark, and click that again. It won't take you back to the thread unless you have that bookmarked, but when you do return to the thread you just posted in, you'll see your reply show up.

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