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Since DI made the below monster post on the "Best mods" for KotOR in this thread, I've moved the relevant section of his post here, as I'm sure many of you will find it useful -- j7

I'll try and break this down into small sections, from which you can take your pick, really... I will say that these are chiefly mods I either use or intend to use on my next run-through, barring one or two of the storyline/restoration mods. I'm going to try and pick out as few mods as I can, so this is a very personal and subjective list.

Skins & Textures
Power Overwhelming by NiuHaka - absolutely brilliant, and newly released.
Male Head Pack by Inyri - less overall wow, but a wide selection and some nice choices, nevertheless.

90SK's K1 Robes by 90SK - really, really nice robe reskins, but don't miss the patch for this mod.

Weapons of the Old Republic by T7Nowhere, Mono and svosh - fantastic models, and a lot of them, too.

K1 Force Pack by Star Admiral - Some nice new Force powers.

All In One Force Power Mod by Darth333, tk102, Darth Khasei, beancounter, Andargor, & KnightFxr - huge number of Force Powers, and for a long time the Force Power mod for the game. In many ways, it still is.

ORD Mandell by RedHawke - what can I say? It adds a new planet to the game. A bit more on the dungeon-crawl side than I like, but it's still a challenging, fun mod.

Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge by Silveredge9 - to my knowledge, the biggest story mod for K1 to date. Not a huge fan of it myself, but a lot of people do rate it rather highly, the visuals are good, and it's huge by comparison to most mods for the KotORs.

Korriban Crystal Cave by Agent Xim - small, but fun addition. Conflicts with ORD Mandell, so be sure to get the patch from AX's site.

Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest by Darkkender - really, really tough to beat! Worth it if you like a challenge, though.

Animated Launcher for KotOR I by Glovemaster - really, really nice launcher.

General Authors-To-Check-Out-All-Their-Stuff List
Prime, T7Nowhere, Silveredge9, RedHawke, Darth333, Mono_Giganto, Svosh, NiuHaka, oldflash, Achilles, Shem, glovemaster, Quanon, tk102, SithSpecter, deathdisco, Darkkender, anyone else I've forgotten at the moment.

Skins & Textures
Force Fashion II by jonathan7, Marius Fett and EnderWiggin - since j7 will murder me if this isn't in, I'll put it here. Really, really nice robe reskins on offer.

NiuHaka has released several heads for TSL which are really worth looking at, and 90SK has released a variety of TSL robe mods. Both are slightly more than I want to copy out at this point, but if you click their name in the links to their mods above, you should be able to bring up a list of their other works.

Ultimate Saber Mod by ChAiNz.2da, Darth333, T7Nowhere, svosh, and Seprithro - Bit of a must, really - beautiful weapons on offer here.

Final Touch by oldflash - some other really nice stuff. Happily these two mods seem to be (more-or-less) compatible.

Onderon Museum Upgrade by Mono_Giganto - replaces some of the items in the Onderon Museum with stuff that's a bit more unique and a lot cooler.

High Level Force Powers by stoffe - really, really great stuff from the stoffe, and don't miss the 2.1 patch, either!

Kreia's Assorted Robe Collection by ChAiNz et al. - an awesome blend of scripting and skinning, this is a fantastic mod and an absolute must-have.


Darksword by ChAiNz.2da - a small addition, perhaps, but another nice, innovative and fun one, that also brings something to the table - in this case, something like-but-not-a-lightsaber, without altering the game's plot too substantially.

Recruitable Dustil by PrincessArtemis - I have to admit, I've never completed a playthrough with this one, but it's reputation is as the best-written recruit mod out there, and what I have played with it certainly confirms that reputation.

Coruscant by deathdisco - the first planet mod for TSL. Need I say more?

M4-78 by DStoney - the closest restoration of the droid planet to what Obsidian intended. Whether that's a good thing or not is really a matter of taste.

Droid Planet Mod by Darth Shan - a less 'close' and more interpretative restoration.

TSLRCM DStoney and zbyl2's restoration mod. Not compatible with DStoney's M4-78.

TSL Story Mod by Darth Shan - expands the game a little with some after-end material and some stuff on Nihilus' ship, from what I recall.

Combat Simulation Arena by stoffe - really, really fun and often quite challenging arena mod.

Learning the Ways of the Force by Darth333 - a wonderful mod, which adds a 'Floating Lightsabers' power, just like Kreia uses. You learn it in-game, rather than having it available at the selection screen, which is a nice touch, IMO.


Multi-Stim by ChAiNz.2da - four stims in one; saves a huge amount of time buffing before battle, and can be made at the workbench.

Bao-Dur's Charged Armor by ChAiNz.2da - I was slightly at a loss as to where to put this, but it's a fun, useful and well-integrated mod that makes Bao-Dur a bit less death-prone. What more could you ask?

Realistic Nar Shadaa Skybox by Sharen Thrawn - makes the skybox a bit brighter and fuller. Altogether an improvement, I think.

Disappearing Rubat Crystal Fix by Karstedt - This fixes, you will be surprised to hear, a bug where the Rubat Crystal would disappear... very useful, if not terribly exciting. (Also available here )

Glovemaster's Animated Launcher by Glovemaster - another really nice, animated launcher from GM.

General Authors-To-Check-Out-All-Their-Stuff List
Darth333, stoffe, T7Nowhere, Prime, Mono, svosh, Shem, Glovemaster, ChAiNz, 90SK, NiuHaka, jonathan7, SpaceAlex, deathdisco, RedHawke, and many others, I'm sure, who for the moment escape me.

As to where, aside from KotORFiles, I'd check the "Where can I find mods?" thread in Holowan.
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