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any word on more updates for this yet? I'm really excited about it.


Originally Posted by Chyron8472
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Originally Posted by Ash735
Someone has been modding it, over at the Mojo forums, a member there has released a pack that fixes quite a few graphical glitches, also links to a Smiley face in the Scumm Bar sign and the fixed Stan's Shipyard sign.
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Who? Where?? Link me plz.
Originally Posted by Ash735

Check out the posts by LordTrilobite, he's posted some screenshots of what he's improved to, beware though, seeing the improvements he's made (especially with the loose board at the Scumm Bar) makes you realise how much of a rush job some areas of the SE were!
YAY! I love it.

I love it. HaHA!

How wonderful to see that smile again. =)

He did fix a number of problems with the forest so far, though is not finished.

Oh, but the best part is...



SE (FIXED!!!!):

omg, I'm so happy, I could eat babies.
Originally Posted by nikasaur
Do other threads have Telltale Eats Babies as a topic? Most importantly, how did they find out?
EDIT: If you all want to know how to do this, it's really easy and all it takes is putting a few modded files into certain folders in your SMI:SE folder


Originally Posted by Snugglecakes
Still astounded by the fact that the fans have to do this.
It's retarded how woefully inept LucasArts seems when they don't complete their work. I mean, I really do like having SMI:SE, but still, they should have finished the job.

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