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Trophy Whore

I'm nearly 100% on this game but I'm locked out of my save file until I get a PS3 patch from Double Fine, so I just have a question about some of the multiplayer trophies (or achievements) for those of you who have got 'em all.

On the 5 ones requiring you to kill or hurt a certain amount of the enemies team with special movies, is there maybe an easy surefire way to do so without getting a friend to play Brutal Legend with you and letting you? (I have no friends to help me with these )

For instance, I've tried all difficulties of the multiplayer to get 15 enemies wrapped up a fire baron's circle, 25 enemies killed with a rock crusher, or 6 enemies killed with the baby carriage, but I can't seem to ever get the AI opponent to put enough enemies all in one spot. On the brutal difficulty I think I sometimes have the opportunity but I'm almost always nearly instantly killed before I get time to start doing anything at that point.
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