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Moxie sadly stood up, looking down in tears. She didn't know why Ashtin would do this. Why? What made him do such a thing...?

"Moxie, if we are to find him; I highly recomend we do it tomorow where we have the proper time to prepare. If however we follow things accordingly, we might be able to pull this off in less than six hours. I'll discuss the situation with Manson."

The young girl quickly turned and sadly looked at Baldur. "Please, Baldur! Please don't hurt him! Ashtin's is all I got, let alone my uncle and aunt! I love him, and I don't want you guys to end up killing or hurting him! Let me talk to him or something. Please!"

She leaned on the wall and continued to cry. She felt as if she was going to vomit, due to all the sadness and crying for Ashtin...


Moving into the abandoned warehouse, Jezebel Casca looked over at Black, and another man.

"I trust everything went well Mr. Black, and when did I give you permission to bring someone with you?"

Jezebel crossed her arms, standing seductively with a smile through her red lipstick. "Maybe he wanted a playmate. I know I do..." She stared at Ashtin with glowing, yellow eyes.

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