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Ashtin at this point when two of Mr. Black's contacts had entered the building was leaning against a beam with this eyes shut and his arms folded across his chest. These people were slightly interesting to him, Ashtin waited patiently however for Black to speak up. But after several moments of silence he realized Black must of been at a loss for words. With one foot he pushed himself slightly away from the beam and dropped his arms to his sides. Slightly raising his right arm he allowed it to rest upon his sheathed sword.

"My name is Ashtin. I rescued your partner here from the Supernatural Society. Of course thats after he caved like a rabbit being hunted by a coyote" He said to the two as he eyes traveled over the two studying them.

The man who spoke earlier was obviously the leader of things, but the female that entered shortly after had a peculator presence about her.

"And a playmate huh? I'm not a toy who sits quietly" Ashtin said to Jezebel his crimson eyes looking into her vibrant yellow eyes.


Rusu was back waiting in Manson's office in the chair that he had once occupied earlier in the day. There were some questions that Rusu needed answers too. And hoping his old friend could provide those answers.

"Seems life is full of many coincidences" Rusu said to himself as he folding his hands together trying not to lose himself in thought.

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