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All good ideas fan art with comments is something we have now - but unfortunately the upload system is from the stone age, and I've had to disable comments recently after becoming flooded by spambots (even after adding reCAPTCHA!). But those are all issues I can fix with a fresh start.

Glad to hear you're interested in writing! There are a lot of opportunities really, as anything Grim Fandango related has its place. If you look down the menu of the current site, most of the content under the "The Game" block of the menu is stuff I wrote... the only reason being that no one else volunteered at the time. Any parts of that which you think you could do a better job of or expand on, be my guest. There's also a few parts which are unfinished, like the character profiles and hints section.

I'm not trying to be restrictive with those current sections though - like I said if you have something GF related you want to write, I'm sure I'll be able to fit it in with a part of the site.

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