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Andorra felt the doctor's gentle touch, and a warmth stirred in her heart that she thought she had long forgotten, buried beneath the icy hatred of her Sith persona. "I--thank you," she said slowly, feeling like a complete nerf-herder in a room full of geniuses. Frankly, she felt like a child again, and this caused her cheeks to flush crimson. She wasn't used to this. As the daughter of the governor of Avalon, yes, she'd been pampered, but never rendered utterly helpless and at the mercy of someone else's care. Until she met Kalla, that is.

As the scanners finished their work, the maiden asked, "Doctor? I know I was probably lying comatose the entire time I was here in this medical facility, but did you have those--droids--take care of my more delicate personal care needs?" She shivered visibly. "I never liked those machines. Mother said they could never betray you if they served as your security guards, but I pointed out that anyone with enough slicing skill could hack them. They're cold and impersonal." Clearing the unwelcome thought from her head, Andorra snorted.
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