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Ok yeah. I guess the reason I didn't have the poems under character profiles is because they're quite short at the moment, but if they were a little more in-depth, they'd fit in nicely there. "fun facts/trivia" is basically what the easter eggs/in-jokes section is, but I think that list of cat names would fit better under the landmarks section for the race track (currently non-existent).


Ahh I think I see what you're getting at... and it raises a point about whether stuff like your example should be bundled into a subsection, or featured on the menu like the other main content.

Hmm - fan fiction is built from people's creativity and imagination, with GF as a context. Also there's a large quantity of it. So it only makes sense to have it in a subsection. But by definition, anything 'nonfiction' is based around facts and research, so surely that's informative and should be treated like any other main site content. Then again, now that I'm giving the option of writing content, there might be a lot of the type of stuff you're talking about, which would fill up the menu.

Not sure about that really... if you think of any more examples let me know. Aztec mythology would actually make quite a nice 'Background' section IMO

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