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Coruscant, Kenobi Medical Facility

"Your rehabilitation program is almost finished, Miss Evenstar," intoned the post-traumatic stress counselor with a gentle smile. "I'm amazed at your progress. Most who have turned away from the Dark Side of the Force never recover as fully as you have--if they live to recover at all. You possess great courage." He tried not to shuffle the discharge paperwork on his desk, but it was hard to resist. So many patients, so little time! He was going to miss Andorra. She had been one of his most insightful clients, and it was a shame that he would have to return to his usual caseload. She had been...unique.

"Thank you," answered the Avalonian maiden meekly, "although I certainly don't feel that way now. You don't know what I've been through, the issues I've had to face as I confront my recent past. I wasn't just a Sith, you understand. I was the Dark Lady of the Sith, one of the Triumvirate, and all those below me followed my orders. I understand that most of the time, Darth Virul was influencing my mind, but I cannot relinquish all the blame. I was Andirrul, not simply Virul, although he was a large part of me."

The counselor winked. "What is that called, allowing guilt to overwhelm you?"

"Self-defeating thinking."

"Right. And when that occurs, you must immediately do what?"

"Modify my thought patterns. Start pondering something else immediately."

"That's very true." A pause. "You've integrated the psychological principles that I and our therapy group have taught you very well into your psyche."

Andorra could only nod. Half the time, she felt like she was repeating these helpful mantras like a droid. How could this counselor possibly know what it was to be a Sith, to murder in cold blood and to order the deaths of your former comrades? How did he know what it meant to have your mind invaded by a parasite who grew stronger day after day, until only someone with far greater power than yours could intervene? All he had were his...credentials.

"I really owe my life to Doctor Pradhes," Andorra said. "And Kalla Kaltas."

"It is good to recognize those who help you," the counselor replied, "but..."

"I must shoulder full responsibility for all my actions and past behavior."

"Correct." Andorra noticed how blindingly-white the counselor's teeth were. "Hopefully now, you'll be able to move on to become a productive member of Coruscant society again, and foster healthy and appropriate relationships."

The girl would have laughed out loud, were it not for the diplomatic protocol ingrained in her ever since her adoption by the Avalonian governor. "Yes." She was wondering what Counselor Didac would think if he knew that she--

The muted hiss of his office door broke her reverie. She gave a start.
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