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"Commander Belina, this is Operative Iyav Dourden. Jedi Master Kaltas and I have confirmation on the RSS Cygnus, awaiting further instructions."

Belina looked up from a fired control panel as the message from Iyav came in over her personal communicator.

She raised the communicator to her mouth and began replying after a few short moments of thought. "This is Admiral Belina aboard the Ackbar. Good work you two.

"Preliminary scans indicate faint life signs throughout the ship, along with a large cluster in one of the cargo holds. The hull has sustained heavy asteroid damage, the bridge has been completely destroyed, and engines appear to be non-functional."

Belina thought for a few more moments before responding.

"If there are survivors aboard that ship I want them rescued. But watch out. Something happend to that ship and I want to know what. I want you to board the ship and and then head for auxillary control and download everything you can including the logs. They should tell us what happend. Belina out."

Belina returned to the panel and watched as the panel finally came back online. Since the battle of Huntaru station, nearly every member of the crew had been busy trying to fix up the Ackbar just in case. The ship had taken heavy damage during the battle, but it was close to being fully repaired.

It's good we're nearly done fixing this ship up. We lost so many ships during that battle but at least we took out a good portion of the Imperial fleet before they retreated.
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