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With each passing second time seemed to be running out for the crew of the Cygnus...or what was left of them at least. Kurt Krovak was doing all he could for the rest of the crew but even that didn't seem to be enough. He and a very small team manged to quarantine the ship and send out a distress signal. He kept a tight grip on his blaster rifle which was dangerous close to running out of ammo. He had to resort to bashing former crew members in order to kill them. These crew members turned into monsters and began infecting other crew members. Unlike the other survivors who were shocked by this, Kurt was unaffected. He had been through much worse, specifically his time as a Death Guard. However once again both his training and his armor proved very useful to him. The super soldier was doing the best he could to help the others, but even he knew eventually they would be overrun completely. Kurt wasn't going to let that happen though for a long time. The flashlight built into his helmet was looking for whatever it could find. It was one of the only light sources the crew had left so he had to use it sparingly. Kurt was startled by the sudden blinking of his HUD inside his helmet. It was very faint, but it had definitely picked up something friendly. Could this be rescue, or possibly some crew members who hadn't been infected yet? He didn't want to leave and leave the others in case it his HUD was just acting up but he didn't want to leave those survivors out there if he actually picked them up. Ultimately he decided to wait and see if he would pick anything up on his HUD again. If it happened one more time then he would go investigate.
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