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This is a great idea, I wouldn't mind a convergence of the best of these two versions at all.

Originally Posted by Gannet View Post
• The PS2 version has been reported by some people to have "nine times more polygons" than the Windows version.
• The format of the PS2 .meshb files is almost identical to the Windows ones. Once converted they can be put into the Windows data and the game will load them correctly.
• The actual difference observed in-game is negligible. Only a handful of meshes actually have (slightly) higher vertex counts, and none appear any 'better' than the Windows ones.
• The PS2 version probably renders models more smoothly than the Windows version, giving the illusion of more polygons. This is not something that could be "fixed" in the Windows version.
I'm just curious for anyone who took the time to open the model files, can you list the differences you saw? Sounds like not even all characters or objects are improved.

Originally Posted by Radogol View Post
You're right, the difference is minimal.

The movies are supposed to be much higher quality on the PS2, although I can't even begin to imagine the size of such a cutscene "patch".
Oh man, that's true, but maybe there's some kind of exe that could be make that would require you to have the PS2 disc and just rip them for you and place them over the PC files? I know that's more work, assuming this all happens, but it would be having to go through the agony the Scumm guys used to make you do to convert all the movies from the Feeble Files or download them as they now (sort of grey area) do.

Originally Posted by Gannet View Post
@Radogol: The voices are supposed to be better too. But without any tools that can even playback the files, I can't even verify if this is true or not let alone convert them across. (I tried Bink player but it only works for a couple of the shorter movies - the main cutscenes won't play).

[edit] Okay, I just played the cutscenes in-game and compared to the PS2 video, which plays in VLC. Yes, the PS2 video is higher quality (in terms of compression/artifacts, not model detail) but not hugely. Also, the PS2 video is only 640x448, presumably cut short to display the subtitles below it (in Windows, the subtitles are rendered on top of the video in fullscreen but in a window the video is shorter and they're rendered in the blank space below it). So you're probably losing more than you're gaining anyway.
Hah, funny they didn't take the time to use their "9 times as many polys" models for the PS2 version's movies, but just used the same movie masters without compressing them as much. Can't say I'm surprised.
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