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I just finished the first episode of the new season of Sam & Max: The Penal Zone. I love the new textures. Max is so much more expressive now and they dirtied up the city just right. I love how they redid their street again this season believably like they did last season. I miss Bosco's, but Mama Bosco's shop makes up for it. I hope we get to see her son later on in the season though, since he's one of my favorite characters. I love the new function of the COPS this season, and the new member reminds me of a simplified version of a evidence station from the CSI games, which I enjoyed a lot.

I was glad to see the song from the Barrelhaven from The Great Cow Race in Stinky's jukebox. It really fit the atmosphere of the diner's remodel. Oh, and I was really excited to see the Hit the Road icons come back!

I wasn't sure how I would react to Max's psychic powers when I first read about them, but now that I played them I enjoy them a lot. The way they are selected reminds me a lot of Psychonauts. A lot of the game did actually - the whole time I was playing it I was thinking "So, this is what Psychonauts would have played like if it were an adventure game", which is probably as big of a complement as I could give since Psychonauts is one of my favorite games of all time.

I can't wait to play the rest of the season, and to fill up the slots with more psychic powers for Max! This is the most exciting first episode out of all of the Sam & Max seasons, so I'm really waiting in anticipation for the next episode.

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