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The next few moments were very suspenseful, even for Kurt. One of the survivors looked over at him and was startled by how calm he seemed. It didn't help the man that he couldn't see Kurt's face either, not to mention how big he was. Kurt watched as his HUD flashed again indicating two large dots and three smaller ones which meant two ships and three allies. The message must have gotten through but did these people know exactly what was waiting for them? Kurt began to make his way for the door when he heard movement from the others.

"Stay calm. We've got friendlies out there who want to rescue us and I want to make sure they make it here alive."

With that he opened the door and stepped outside into the blackness;the door was shut quickly behind him. He began walking forward making sure to sweep the area with both his flashlight and his rifle. It didn't take long for him to be jumped by one of the infected. Kurt kicked it and proceeded to bash its skull in with his rifle. He began to quicken his pace gradually making his way towards the rescuers. He needed to get to them, the survivors' lives depended on it.
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