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Sith Warrior or Sith Inquisitor, which would *you* be?

Thanks for your cue, good man.

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
P.S. somebody should make this thread for the Sith classes.
So, what appeals to you more? Being the archetypal bad guy enforcer "Tank", or being the one paying the brutes "Business Dealer"?

Unsure if I'd join in the festivities, not that I'd still have anything for or against the MMO, mind you.

As I have heard it time and time again, you can either be your own Darth Vader, or your own Emperor Palpatine... or whatever other anology you'd like to give it.

I favored the brutes in KOTOR I and II. However, I might just go for a different class just b/c I want to see truly how far the developers cared for the stories, game plays and what have you besides jedi and sith. A macgyver of sorts, a sort of "secret agent" intrigue. (Like some pissed off FBI guy).Like some Wilhuff Tarkin, but out in the field. Yet still, I'd want some kind of combat stats other than an office worker. >_>

Not at all sure what if anything I'd do with. Probably try everything at least once.

What about you? A Sith Warrior blazing a trail wherever you go? An inquisitor twisting minds and loyalties, making deals anywhere. It really is a kind of interesting choice.

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