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I agree, go for it at that price. I bought the game at release, and I enjoyed it up till the point I stopped playing -
I couldn't beat the battle against Ophelia after like 4-5 tries, I'd always get to the same point where you have to use the huge tank thing on those pillars, and then she'd just destroy my entire army. And then I haven't gone back to try it on easier difficulty, because I think it's ridiculous that I can't beat it on normal.
Maybe I'm just bad at games. (that bit wasn't really helpful for you but just for anyone else who's beat it) But I loved everything about the game, except the gameplay. Well, certain parts of it - I loved driving around in my car. The world is amazing, the characters are well written with great voice acting, and the overall atmosphere is just great. Kind of too bad it did have gameplay issues since otherwise it would be fantastic.

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