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Atora should have known that something was wrong the second he had docked in the Cygnus's port hanger but to his suprise no one had been there.

They need to pay me more for these kinds of missions. I wasn't expecting anything as horrible as this. I need to get back into contact with Admiral Belina but those things have taken over the port hanger.

Unfortunatly for him, the ship wasn't as deserted as he thought it was. The ship's crew compliment had been infected with something and had become monsterous...things.

He hadn't encountered any survivors yet and thus had been forced to assume that there were no survivors aboard the ship.

His thoughts were suddenly disturbed by a rapidly blinking blue light on his HUD.

A survivor? I had this thing tuned so that it showed the infected in red. According to this the survivor is aproximatly forty meters away and seems to be heading for the staroboard hanger.

His thoughts were again disturbed when he felt something grab at his leg. He quickly brought his Mandalorian assault rife down and began firing at the creature which now had a hole in it's head. the blaster shots echoeing throughtout the otherwise quiet corridor.

His HUD began to show even more survivors, most of them behind a door on this very level. He quickly kicked away the thing and continued on his way toward the roomful of survivors.

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