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Kurt rounded a corner just in time to hear a gunshot go off. Kurt was expecting to hear something else but all he got was silence. The shooter either got the target or was taken down. Kurt continued moving until he heard footsteps drawing closer to his position. Was this the shooter he heard or another monster? Kurt aimed his rifle in the general area of the footsteps as well as his flashlight. He didn't want to risk calling out in case it was another one of the infected but he couldn't help but feel like it wasn't. Instead of calling he decided he would signal into the area where he heard footsteps with his flashlight. He began flicking the light on and off while keeping a tight grip on his rifle.

Wrath waited patiently outside for Andorra to exit the medical facility. He wasn't allowed near the place and he could understand why. He was constantly shaking his arms at the annoyance of the robes he had on currently. The armor he was much more comfortable in had a bad reputation and for now he had to go without it but he still kept the helmet. He was lucky the hood was able to fit over the helmet or he would probably have to go without that too. Other than the helmet the only pieces of armor he had were his gauntlets and his boots. Wrath looked up when he saw the doors open up and saw Andorra and Master Revyan exit from the facility. Wrath had decided to actually become Andorra's bodyguard as she was the only real person he could consider a friend. He marched over to the two and stood patiently next to them.
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