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Flying over the city of Gallion was a hawk, but this was no ordinary hawk. This hawk happened to be Alex Corbin, a nature raised human that became specially gifted some would say. The city below his site looked vacant, empty, lifeless he could barley sense the presence of animals around. What he could make out were a few rats, and mice scurrying around looking for scraps of what ever they could find. Flying down closer to one of the buildings he perched himself on a ledge of a building and looked around.

The letter he received mysteriously enough was memorized into his head. This was the place where he was asked to help. But to help what? and who? more precisely. This place was giving out odd vibes, and most of them did not sit well with him. Alex stayed perched on the building ledges and stretched out one wing and glided his beak through the feathers cleaning them.

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