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Originally Posted by WillyChuck View Post
Hi, guys. I'm from Spain, sorry about my poor English.

This's just what I was looking for: fixed scenarios of MISE. I think too that the Special Edition seems like a game unfinished. My congratulations, LordTrilobite.

If you still work on it, I’ll want to help you searching more bugs, pixels areas, or fixing some little pixels areas like some palm trees in Monkey Island… adding textures in the Great Head Monkey’s wooden barrier, that looks very poor, for example…

I work with Photoshop CS3, fixing the photos’ colour, deleting people of the background, cloning big areas… I’m nearly a pro.

There, some of bugs that I finded:


- Outside of Chuck and Shop: the buildings of the top of street, they’re the same that Classic Edition.

- House of Mojo: there're many pixels that go up and down with the magic pot at the same time.

- Outside of Mansion: the pixel classic graphics behind the windows looks very ugly.

- Outside of Fettucini’s Circus: in the background’s entrance, the floor is pixelated.

-Hook Island: This’s horrible!! Look behind the house.


- Pool: the waterfall is inanimate.

- Sacred Head Monkey: the totems… and the background’s palm trees… they’re cut in many places.


I hope I was helpful.
Thanks, I don't think something like an unanimated waterfall can be fixed without coding though. removing pixels and retouching backgrounds is just a matter of changing existing files, but making new animations requires the addition of new files.

Haha, man you guys suck. I hadn't even noticed the vast majority of these — but what's been seen cannot be un-seen.

Good job you're also doing a fan patch, hopefully totally comprehensive by the time I replay the SE years later!
Yeah, most of the bugs and fixes aren't that noticable. But like you said, once you see them you can't unsee them. And some of the graphic bugs are pretty bad (like the plank in the SCUMMbar kitchen), and while one's at it, why not fix minor bugs too?
A patch like this won't do miracles of course, but it might improve the overall enjoyment of the game without seeing weird graphic bugs everywhere.

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