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Tonatius parried her move and countered with a blade technique that Bushida masters learned. He thought while executing the move and then replied, "Andorra can understand many things. Secrets, like for the rest of us, are distasteful."

"Andorra will be fine," Jun-la said as she entered the training arena. She had come to watch the pair spar even though she knew there was a lot more going on than sparring. It was a request from the council for which she volunteered. She had come into one of their sparring sessions and heard the conversation.

Tonatius asked, "Were you eavesdropping my lady?"

"Shamelessly I'm afraid. Good thing I volunteered instead of the COuncil appointed another master," Jun-la replied with a slight grin. She repeated, "Andorra will be fine. True it was your help that gave her the option to see her path but ultimately it was her choice to break free. Strong people do that." She went over to a panel and began keying in instructions, "Which brings me this lesson. Blindfolds on and stand back to back."


NarShadda was like something dirty being washed clean in the pouring rain. When it rained, it was like a pure river bathing you. It was one of the few things that Tavaryn liked about the place. It was like a glimmer of hope.

For two months, he had been on various missions for the Shinigami. Mostly the business of protecting the Jedi but also scouting out threats to the Republic in general since it was trying hard to rebuild. This mission was an unusual one for him but he wasn't complaining. With his hat protecting his head from the rain, he stared out from his post at the Refugee Center.

Ever since the Jedi Civil War in the time of Revan, this sector of the city has been named the Refugee Center and has been called that ever since. Made sense since this sector had just about every species that existed within the Republic. His Intel led him here and now he was waiting to see what would come of it. He reached into the folds of his tunic and pulled out his comm. He said, "Shadow one to Shadow two. Alriana do you read me?"

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