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Kurt could tell his idea had worked as the footsteps drew closer to him. Eventually he was able to make out what appeared to be an armored man. Kurt hoped his massive size did not startle the figure...but then again there were far more scarier things aboard this ship. He was relieved to hear the figure could speak; a clear indication that he wasn't infected.

"Friend; Master Sergeant Kurt Krovak of the Republic. I'm currently in charge of what's left of the Cygnus, I'm glad to see our message was received."

Wrath was glad to see he was not forgotten by Andorra and how willing she was to accept him again. It had taken him some time to convince the Republic he truly had changed. It took everything he knew about the Empire and a little extra to finally convince him. He looked over to Andorra ready to answer his friend.

"I would be honored to Andorra, as long as its alright with Master Reyvan."
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