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"Friend; Master Sergeant Kurt Krovak of the Republic. I'm currently in charge of what's left of the Cygnus, I'm glad to see our message was received."

Atora nodded and then looked behind him to make sure that none of those things were sneaking up behind him. He had learned his first day on the Cygnus not to underestimate these things.

"Atora Zen: Republic mercenary. Part of my contract is to investiagte and aid any republic ships. I picked up a few messages from your ship before all communication was lost and boarded it over a day ago."

He looked around the corridor to make sure none of the things were sneaking up on either of them before turning back to him.

"So tell me...what happened here?"

Nar Shadda

"I'm not picking up much from the docks. You pick up anything?"

Alriana took a long look around the area, making sure to give everyone she could see a quick lookover before responding. "No. Nothing here on my end. So where do we look next?"
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