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Tavaryn was about to answer when he spotted movement. Pulling down his trackers, he thought he made out the target. It was worth a closer look. "Hang tight for a moment. I'm gonna check something out. It won't take long."

He cut the comm just as he finished, more out of force of habit than anything else. From his perch, he stood up to his full height as the rain continued to fall. With a downward glance, he took a leap and jumped down. He might have found what they were looking for.


It was a simple courier job though why he actually had to physically put it in the hands of the receiver was beyond him. Haruka watched as the cargo was being loaded onto his ship. The one who hired him gave a lot of credits for the job but he wasn't complaining. It was a nice change from the small time skull busting he did for the cantina. He shouted at the loaders, "Careful there."

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