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Brason Demarchia was sitting at home, trying to get his thoughts flowing again. The only thing that ever really kept Destrudo at bay was his own inventions that prevented the use of any power. And as long as Brason could remain in control. He had to be careful not to get mad at anything, otherwise the entire world might be devoured in Destrudo's wrath. It was very much a curse that he carried with him. He had some how managed to defeat the demon on the Celestial Tundra when he was five, however he believed that it was the demon's will to be defeated, because he had always been a part of his mind. He grimaced slightly and looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes had slowly started changing colors and so Brason had to regain control of his mind... and the easiest way to do that was to fly.

Brason headed out the door and pressed a button that he had attatched to his right forearm. His entire body was encased in his hero suit and he allowed his mind to roam free, gripping is wrists and feet in his mind. He lifted them up off the ground, smiling as everyone started getting smaller and smaller until they all seemed to appear to be ants. His mind relaxed slowly and he could feel a wave of calm wash over him as he slowly glided through the air.
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