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Monkey Island Explorer

Its an explorer tool for Monkey Island 1 and 2: Special Editions. It does the following:
  • Lets you browse through the files and dump individual files/all files.
  • Lets you play and dump the audio (music, speech and sfx).
  • Lets you use 'annotations' to add more descriptive filenames for the audio so that you aren't just dumping files named 1.wav etc.
  • Displays the images as you browse and lets you save them as png's or DDS files (for editing).
  • Displays the txt/fx/csv files as you browse through the files.
  • As its based on the same code as my other explorer programs (mainly the unreleased Telltale Explorer) it lets you filter the files by typing in the search box and lets you filter the display by filetype.
  • There's an MI-themed animation when dumping files (I'd completely forgotten about this).

[Edit] Updated - now supports MI2-SE and the Xbox/iPhone versions of the games.

[Edit 2] Updated - now plays and dumps audio and includes annotation support. See my site and the readme for more information.

Download it here.

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