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Kurt checked his HUD and looked around the hallway to make sure none of the infected were there. He looked over to Atora and nodded at him.

"Well we successfully drove off the New Empire from Geonosis. We were to return back home when...well all of this happened. It started out with one of the corporals acting strange. He was sweating a lot and was quick to get angry. Suddenly he lashed out at a private and bit her neck. We locked him up and made sure the private was taken to the med bay where in due time she bit the entire medical staff. After a few hours nearly half the ship was infected. They're quite intelligent though for whatever is causing them to act this way. They disabled most of our systems, stranded us, and made sure we couldn't get to the armory, like they knew. I've gathered whatever survivors are left and put them in the cargo hold where we've been holding off. Keep in mind these things are fast and quite agile, I had a few jump on my back. The took out the lights and have no problem finding us so they either can see in the dark or rely on smelling and or hearing, I'm not quite sure."

Kurt looked down at his rifle which was covered in blood stains from all the killing he had done. He had to kill them thought otherwise everyone on this ship would have been infected by now.

"My HUD picked up three additional allies, are they with you? Oh and in case you're wondering no I haven't been bit. My armor is too strong to be penetrated by their jaws and I've killed them before they've had the chance too."
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