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Alex also known as wolf flew off from the buildings ledge and glided down towards the ground and turned into an acutal black wolf with bright yellow eyes and started running. Since he had gotten an airial view of the city it was now time to get a more eye ground view of it. Wolf enjoyed being in this form the most, since at a very young age he was raised by wolves and grown to consider animal life more family that any human could be. As he continued to run around on the streets of the city he spotted a citizen.

This citizen was walking like they're mind was no longer they'res. Like some inner desire now controlled them and they'd do anything for that desire. What was strange to him is that this person didn't even notice Wolf as he walked on all fours passed her. Turning around slightly he watched as the lady continued to walk down the street.

This makes two signs that something is very wrong with this place. I don't like it. he thought to himself before continuing his search of the city.

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