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I've made a start on new character & etc. info text. Here's a sample of the direction I'm going:
(Joe Nipote)

Everone loves a clown, especially one with the personality of a surly NYC cabbie (except this one can speak English). The Clown twists up balloon animals and poets for the kiddies at El Marrow’s Day of the Dead festivities. He’s so dedicated he can keep his carpal-tunnel syndrome going despite a complete lack of tendons. And he can also provide Manny with a limitless supply of ‘dead worms’ (unless Manny has five already, then there’s a limit).
(Rachel Reenstra)

Secretary to Don Copal. Oh, sorry. ‘Administrative assistant’ to Don Copal. (How is that any better?) Eva is one sharp cookie who keeps her edge by verbally fencing with Manny. But don’t be fooled by her administratively-assistantarial looks. Eva has far more on her mind than filing her...distal phalanges? Eva is recruited by Salvador to spy on the DOD and tips him off about Manny’s activities. Eva ditches the DOD in favor of working with the LSA full time and eventually takes charge of the LSA’s communication system and small appliance repair business.
I'm assuming that the picture links will remain and it's only the text I'm bothering with. And obviously I'm trying for a somewhat comical tone. Good idea or bad idea?
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