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Lenatha had bought a small corellian pastrie as a gift for Andorra since she had finally been discharged from the hospital. She made her way through the halls of the psych ward which gave her the chills. She stopped for a moment before and office hall. She could see there was a doctor standing infront of the main desk signing some electronic pads. He looked up and waved at Lenatha who simply just nodded in his direction but he walked over to her.

"Doctor Pradhes, nice to see you again", the Doctor said. He was an old doctor, in his late sixties, slim and with a large mustache.

"Hello Doctor Naville", Lenatha said a bit uneasily.

"I had hoped you had decided to join our group again since it's been a really long time since we've seen you last", Doctor Naville said.

"Well I have been kinda busy, too many patients to see, so little time to devote to myself. Besides I feel better now, for the past few months I have been rather good", Lenatha said.

"Well I do notice you're more at calm with yourself. What about the dreams?", Doctor Naville asked.

"They're not frequent now, not so much as before, they rarely come", Lenatha said and the doctor smiled.

"Well that's good to hear, the door is always opened to you if you wish to talk", Doctor Naville said and Lenatha simply gave him a small smile and a nod, he then went on his way patting her in her shoulder. Lenatha simply sighed. She always had goosebumps when going inside the psych ward but she had to do it for Andorra since she was trying so hard.

As she reached the psych ward she was told that Andorra had already left not too long ago so she made her way to the entrance of the hospital, she noticed there were others with Andorra, the one she had met before on her hospital room, Wrath and another that she did not recognize. She walked over to them with the small pastry in a small box in her hands.

"Am I interrupting anything?", Lenatha asked.

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