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((argh, whoopsy :$ I'm terribly sorry about this))

""Please, Baldur! Please don't hurt him! Ashtin's is all I got, let alone my uncle and aunt! I love him, and I don't want you guys to end up killing or hurting him! Let me talk to him or something. Please!"

Baldur was about to leave the room. He stopped, and looked back at the weeping Moxie.

"Thats not my decision to make." he vanquished into thin air leaving Moxie alone. He then appeared inside of the office housing Manson ((if I am wrong, please correct me)).

Baldur approached his desk, and stood infront of him. "You're already aware that one of our agents have fled the building, with one of our recently captured targets in custody. Its essential we track both of them down, as they hold the vital information we need. We can perform a locate and extract opperation tonight, but keep in mind we only have 6 hours till sunrise. Otherwise, we can conduct the opperation the next day where we are fully prepared and ready with plenty of time in our hands. I leave the choice up to you, sir. What'll it be?"
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