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Tonatius nodded out of habit and said, "Ready." He pulled out the sword he always carried on his person. It made a distinctive clang as it was released from its sheath.

Jun-la watched intently as Tonatius positioned himself. She figured he would have had some training with a blindfold. Any who are accepted into the ranks of the Bushida warriors must have some training in it as well as able to perform several mandatory skill sets. There have been few exceptions but that was the general way.

She watched as the remotes and the droids moved into position. The remotes would fire blaster shots and the droids would have either a training saber or a blade.

Tonatius cocked his ear and he could distinctly hear the whirring of remotes. Instinctively he adjusted so his elbow gently grazed the back of Kalla. The first droid fired. With spring in his step, he leaped out of the way of the blaster shot and came down in front of a training droid. He heard the pop hiss of a lightsaber and back jumped, tapping Kalla again to let her know that he was there. "Seems like we have a challenge," he muttered to her.

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