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Mantis crouched , perched on a building ledge, looking at the roof of the building he was on. Yes, that's right, he wasn't looking over the vast empty vista of the metropolis, he was backwards, staring at the building he was perched on. But he didn't do this out of his own stupidity, by far, his own stupidity wasn't that stupid. He was staring at someone, something, that was aimlessly wandering about like a zombie, only far less interested in your brain.

The person approached Mantis slowly, wandering forward until Mantis produced a hand, which produced a finger, which he then used to stop the person as they came into contact with it. The person remained in one place, but proceeded to keep moving forward, aimlessly, thoughtlessly. Mantis cocked his head to the side in curiosity, still holding the person in place with his finger, as he studied their blank, stupid expression.

"You're supposed to say: 'BRAAAINNNZZZ'! Okay? Say it with me: 'BRAAAAAIIIINNNZZZ'!......Hm? Not working," he stated, straightening his head.

"Well, the mayor must have serious issues with surgical malpractice in Gallion, 'cause it's got nothing to do with the living dead, that's for sure!" Mantis spoke into the air.

Well, better get this guy down, before he stumbles over the edge," Mantis said, grabbing the man, and jumping down to the streets below, setting him down, he waved as he wandered off.

"Go, be free, join others of your kind," he joked, as he turned around, and crouching down he jumped, soaring into the air like an eagle! Then after the laws of physics kicked in, he began to descend; then he rinsed, lathered, and repeated. Although he had no flight, he could jump great distances, and from what he could see when he did get airborne, the city was, well, like all the other guys have quite obviously said above, abandoned, excluding a few wandering lobotomy patients, there was nothing.

Mantis took another leap, lifting into the air he looked about quickly, before landing as gracefully as he could. Looking up, he saw a man in armor, and another lobotomy patient wandering about not too far away. Mantis stood up, and remarked to the armored man facing away from him, "So, you enjoying the sights, or staying out of malpractice lawsuits by lobotomizing the lawyers?"

Mantis made no moves, but he was cautious, he didn't know whether the fellow in the armor was causing the aimless wanderers or not, but he wasn't taking chances.

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