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Originally Posted by urluckyday View Post
Actually, a report just came out by a security expert that states that Macs are actually MORE vulnerable to attacks than PC.

I saw that. It was hardly a surprise really. Windows most definitely has its security flaws but so does Mac OS. The fact that there are not as many virii existing for the Mac is simply because they are a smaller target, from a distribution point of view. Hence people intent on making malicious scripts to make life uncomfortable/spread more ads etc will target the bigger system.

I was glad that renowned hackster/security expert finally came out and said it though.

The same goes for Linux. Penguin fans love talking about MS security vulnerabilities, as if Linux is bulletproof. At corporate level servers etc, they are tougher nuts to crack - but for your average geek playing on the latest distro, the single most important factor that keeps them safe from attack is that malware authors/script kiddies generally don't want to bother with such a small slice of users.

The second any of these OS reach an huge presence in the market, they will start to suffer the same fate. A nice analogy is Symbian/iphone OS. Previous to the iPhone no one bothered hacking other symbian devices(eg. many Nokia phones) - but because of the huge popularity the iPhone has, security is becoming an increasing concern for iPhone owners - especially those with jailbroken devices.


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