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PS3 MI Special Edition bug

Besides the leaderboard not working and causing me to having to hard reset my PS3, I'm already into a game stopping bug.

Anyone had any problem with the Special Edition turning into a black screen with clouds when changing screens, any version? This only happens so far when leaving the town area with the 10 o'clock clock to the dock where the Scumm Bar resides. I have exit the game to get out of this because if you go to the menu while stuck on the black screen you can still save and load, but the prompt that comes up asking me if I'm sure only allows me to select "No."

If I stay in classic mode while changing screens I get a "script 3" error instead of a black screen.

I've tried this multiple times with or without following the shopkeeper and only once (without the shopkeeper) did it not lock up. That time I did also change it to classic mode when changing screens. Not sure if that made a difference because it didn't work the next time.

I can't find much on this bug anywhere or anyone else having it because I think the game has only been out for two days at this point.

Here's a video of someone with the exact same problem, but he's walking the opposite direction:
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