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Originally Posted by MrHarper View Post
It looks like it is directly related to following the shopkeeper, so maybe you could try doing the game in a different order?

Maybe you could contact the second guy on the thread and see if he managed to fix it. Otherwise I don't know what to say other than wait for the complains to pile up and a patch to be released
Well the thing was, it was still getting stuck on that screen whether I was following the shopkeeper or not, so I couldn't leave that area of Melee Island.

I eventually got past it just by trying over and over and switching to classic mode while following the shopkeeper and then changing back once I got past The Scumm Bar. The weird thing is that this doesn't always work and most of the time in classic mode it'll just give you the "Script 3" error. So far I haven't encountered this bug again on any other screens, but it's very annoying the first time you found it and haven't saved for a bit, so I'm hoping a patch is in order either way.

Originally Posted by Laserschwert View Post
I have a few bugs too, mainly sound volume issues. And one major slowdown happens when talking to the three pirates (with the rat), and everytime the short guy laughs during one of the other characters' lines, his laugh is all stuttery and the animations slow down.

Furthermore, the ambience sounds (like pirates laughin in the ScummBar) are audible in the classic version as well... that can't be right, can it?
I've had all of those bugs you mentioned as well. The slow down also seems to occur at random during the sword fights in addition to the laughing pirate.

The ambient sounds seem to carry over to classic mode everytime they occur. The cook crying in classic mode also seems to occur. Sometimes if you are playing classic mode you can hear someone's dialogue start and then their speech cut off.

This all just sort of makes me wish they had just gone ahead and put in the option for voices and new music during classic mode since it seems to have a hard time being absent.

Anyone else able to check out the leaderboards without completely freezing their PS3?
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