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Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil View Post
Even if I had a 360, I wouldn't make it my primary player for multiplatform games.
Not that I want to change this into a console war... but I don't really see why not. Most multiplatform games are designed on the 360 first and then ported to the PS3 simply for the reason that the 360 has been around longer so more developers are used to creating for it. A lot of PS3 versions of games suffer from framerate issues and glitches because of this.

I mean yes, there are a couple of games that run better on PS3 but for the majority of multiplatformers, 360 is still the way to go. Apart from maybe Capcom games, they manage to make their games run perfectly on both machines (love that company).

Of course if you have a lot of blu-ray discs then I can maybe understand it. But here I am with stacks of dvds and games like Gears of War (which I just couldn't live without). So it's understandable why I pick 360
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